The Institute of Higher Education “Eugenio Bona” in Biella has recently adopted V-App Smart Vision Analytics in order to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff. This is an artificial intelligence solution, developed by the synergy between Cisco Meraki and Bizmate.

The V-App solution, integrated with the Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras infrastructure, allows the user to: analyze people flows, monitor crowded areas into buildings, be alerted anytime social distancing is not fulfilled, receive real-time notifications on the use of PPE. The frequency of use of the restrooms is also analyzed, in order to optimize sanitization activities.

Data collected from the Cisco Meraki cameras are anonymously processed, in full compliance with the privacy regulations, since faces are not identified by the Smart Cameras, only human shapes are.

V-App analyzes the images viewed by the cameras, allowing the user to set thresholds and sending alerts accordingly. It also generates statistics, collecting high-interest data through a series of easy-to-read dashboards. A multi-channel messaging system can send audio alerts, e-mails, SMS, or notifications using the most common instant messaging platforms such as Telegram, Messenger, or Cisco Webex.

V-App Smart Vision Analytics is the ideal solution for companies and organizations of various sizes, even with detached branches, ensuring growth and scalability, ease of installation and management. Since the early days of the Covid-19 emergency, Bizmate has been committed to making its contribution to the safety of the most popular spaces, whether public or private. The collaboration with the “Eugenio Bona” Institute of Higher Education in Biella makes us particularly proud, having given us the opportunity to contribute to the serenity of all the staff and students engaged in such an important moment of their lives.

The V-app Team