Wearing the face mask when in public, It’s our collective responsibility.

Social Distancing Monitoring is the latest App developed for Meraki infrastructures equipped with Mv Sense Camera, it allows to monitor in real-time the distance between people in a given area, sending alerts when two or more people stand close less than one and a half meters to each other, for more than 30 seconds. Born from the idea of making a contribution to the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, thanks to the contribution of our users, it is constantly updated and enriched with new functions, the last developed in order of time is “Live Mask Recognition”.

As we all know, the face mask is the first barrier against the virus, that’s why in most indoor places such as public buildings and shopping malls, wearing it is mandatory, and in other places, it’s highly recommended as well. However, unfortunately not everyone does wear the mask, for this reason, we have thought of a new feature that exploits object recognition capability to develop a new tool that respecting the privacy of people helps store managers to maintain high-security standards, identifying customers without the mask, in real-time, reporting them to the supervisor or sending automatically voice and or visual messages, inviting the given customer to wear it.

Mask Recognition is part of V-App Smart Vision Analytics, a powerful suite that can be tailor-made on customer needs of the different market or business area. Ask for a call, we’ll be happy to have a chat and talk to you about our project!

Stay safe and see you next time!
The V-App Team