What a interesting week is coming!

As Cisco Meraki technology partner we’re very excited about the beginning of Cisco Live! the huge Cisco event hosted this year in San Diego, California from June 9-13. For four days The San Diego Convention Centre will be the technological navel of the wold, with more than 30,000 professionals, developers and journalists coming to experience the biggest full immersion in today’s and tomorrow’s new technologies: from blockchain, to 5G, passing through Wi-Fi 6, smart cameras and much more.

Cisco Meraki APIs and MV Smart Cameras will be the star!

Follow the George Bentinck session on June 11 at 2:30 – 3:30 pm local time to find out how smart cameras can be used as sensors and their data, processed individually or combined with those obtained from mobile devices. A mix of wireless and computer vision technology implementing a formidable analytics tool. People detection, people count, people flow, lux meter and many other useful historicised and live data to use for business and security intentions, all this is possible thanks also to VAPP, the application portal developed by Bizmate for Cisco Meraki users that exploits all the potential of the APIs.

VAPP definitely provides customizable enhancement tools to detect visitor movement, analyse behaviour and transform the way you monitor your venues.

Don’t forget to follow the George’s session on June 11 2:30-3:30 pm Local Time, see how it works, be sure you’ll be impressed.

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See you at Cisco Live!