Make your camera count

We’re pleased to announce MV People Count, the first of a new family of analytics tools especially developed for Cisco Meraki MV Sense cameras.

MV People Count add to your VAPP dashboard the power of the computer vision technology, giving you more insights for your marketing activity. Understand as never before how many customers have visited your store in a certain period of time, compare attendance data with sales, adapt your business strategy to ever-changing scenarios, increase profits.

MV People Count uses data from Cisco Meraki MV Sense Cameras and the power of the machine learning technology to anonymously count people, with an impressive accuracy.

Benchmarking business site performance through real-time people counting is now easy and affordable. No more bulky and isolated devices, but a system-integrate software capable to analyse data collected from a multirole camera, in real time. Plus, increase security by tracking people flow in your environment all time.

See live and historicized data at a glance with MV People Count, the new family of most powerful analytics tools, you can count on.

Try MV People Count now. It’s free for 15 days. No credit card required, cancel any time.

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