We’ve been chosen from Cisco Meraki among the Italian Devnet Community to present the latest features of VAPP to the wide audience of Codemotion.

From 24 to 25 October we will attend Codemotion, the biggest tech conference for software developers, which will be held at Superstudio in Milan. Codemotion is open to all coding languages and technologies, with a focus on topics such as Frontend/ Backend development, Security, DevOps/ Architecture, IoT/Maker, Cloud/Big Data, AI /Machine Learning, Design/UX, Game DEV and VR/AR.

We are pretty excited to join the event and talk about VAPP, explaining to the public how this powerful tool developed in collaboration with Cisco, is helping Meraki users to get even more from their networks.

VAPP allows them to add new tools extending capabilities of Meraki dashboard.
As many of you already know, VAPP is a project constantly in evolution whose goal is to provide innovative solutions to network administrators and marketers. We have no doubt that the new amazing features we recently added to the platform will be appreciated by professionals who need every day of more advanced analytics tools and want to get a boost for their business insights.

We can’t wait to share new ideas with tech lovers over a cup of coffee.
Come to visit us in Milan, we’ll be happy to meet you!