Gain the power of light

Lights sensors allows to detect the intensity of light, behaving more or less like the human eye, their use is much more widespread than imagined, think for example of the latest generation of managed street lighting by sensors that autonomously control the switching on and off of the street lamps, or to the cars equipped with sensors that automatically switch on the lights at dusk or that regulate the intensity of the instrument lights according to external conditions. Since 2014, this technology has become a standard for smartphones, smart TVs and tablet which, by operating in ever-changing light conditions, must continuously change the brightness of the screen for user comfort and also to extend battery charge.

VAPP LUX adds the light sensor feature to the Cisco Meraki MV Sense smart camera, it is able not only to detect and show in the VAPP dashboard the light values ​in real time, both visually and numerically, but it can also trigger complex processes, devices and/or send alarms. In a work environment, the exact amount of light is fundamental both for the comfort of the workers and for energy saving, It has been calculated that correctly dosing the right light quantity allows savings of up to 50%. LUX can be also a discrete and effective security and surveillance tool, as it can detect peaks of light such sparks or little flames in the dark. There are a lot of things you can do with the light, using the right tool.

LUX Ambient Light Sensor is available for VAPP Enterprise only, ask for more information.
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