It’s time to start over.

First let us wish you a happy new year, we hope you have enjoyed holidays. This year and this decade starts great for us, from 12 to 14 January we’ll be at the NRF2020 in New York City alongside Cisco Meraki fellows colleagues.

The NRF Retail Week is the most important retail event in the world and the expectations for this year’s Big Show edition are really high, many will be the themes, projects and the news to come. The retail market is in excellent health and on the horizon there are large investments and innovations that will certainly change the retail universe forever, so we’re very exciting to join the event.

Talking about innovation, thinking inevitably goes to the IT business where the world’s largest retail groups are heavily investing money and human resources. Tech and digital are becoming day by day more pervasive in all areas of business and customer relations, adding new stages to the customer journey, and consequently stimulating the creativity of developers.

The NRF 2020 will give us a very big chance to show V-App Smart Integration Platform for the retail world, developed with Cisco Meraki. Visitors of our booth will see how Meraki Wi-Fi devices and MV Sense Camera can work together to collect customers’ behavior data in given areas, turning numbers in accurate, helpful and cool information.

Heatmap view people walk flows, dwell time and concentration peaks in a given area by time slot;

People Count tracks and count people access classifying them by gender and/or age;

Emotion measure the prevailing sentiment of the customers into your business range.

A real-time overview of the customers’ behavior, allows predictive analyzes to be carried out and, consequently, statistically forecasting future events, providing marketers with new tools to develop increasingly effective promotion strategies. This and much more we’ll talk about at the overseas exhibition on mid January 2020, so stay with us for more updates.

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That’s all for now, see you at booth # 3754