Scan and connect in a snap

When customers and guests visit you, they expect to easily connect to Wi-Fi for surfing on their smartphones, reading emails, making video calls or using social networks. However, finding the right SSID to connect or handle with complicated credentials may be bothering and time spending for guests – and companies too. Today, providing free guest Wi-Fi is no longer a worry.


Let your guests easily connect to Wi-Fi in seconds just using their smartphone. Speed up and simplify your guest Wi-Fi access with V-App By integrating Cisco Meraki API’s, V-App automatically creates and displays dynamic QR codes to provide secure and fast Wi-Fi access.

How does Easy Guest Wi-Fi work?
The Wi-Fi access will be provided using an automatic generated QR Code which can be displayed on tablets, smart TV’s or Webex boards. Users just need to scan the code and will be promptly redirected to connection acceptance. For laptop users it is possible to show common textual access credentials. Quick and easy configuration Customize the internet splash-page by adding your company name and logo.

Webex Meetings integration
Use Easy Guest Wi-Fi in Meeting Rooms The Webex Board automatically wakes up when somebody enter the room, promptly showing the QR Code for the Wi-Fi connection.

Easy Guest Wi-Fi is now available from €5 a month on V-App and Meraki Marketplace

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