Time for change in V-App’s house. More services more powerful tools.

Hi everybody, so the big day has come!
Thanks to our prodigious team of developers, we are happy to unveil the latest version of the V-App Smart Integration Platform. The new V-App is the result of all our experience gained in past years as Cisco technology partner and as IT service providers in large companies and multinationals and at last but not least from the many feedback received from our users. It represents the first real big update of the platform since its debut years ago. A little refresh at the user interface hides a big job of updating all the Apps to keep them always in step with the evolution of the Cisco Meraki products.

More emphasis on Enterprise Version.
Few months after the first platform launch we understood that the V-App standard project needed a version that best suited the enterprise world, more powerful and scalable and with a whole series of customized business services, so we designed a new environment which fits the companies needs thanks to an extensive portfolio of solutions designed for Cisco Meraki professional devices, in terms of smart vision and network analysis, Wi-Fi presence and analytics, cloud network backup and so on. The Enterprise Version today finds it’s own space even into the standard platform, from where it will be possible require a quote from one of our product specialists.

So If you are managing multiple Meraki networks or need to get accurate analytics about customer behavior within several stores V-App Enterprise is meant for you.

What are you waiting for? Login and see the new environment, if you are not registered yet, do it NOW don’t miss the opportunity to try V-App 15 days for free.

That’s all, so far, but before saying goodbye, let me to tell you that we are producing one configuration video tutorial for each App, to make our user’s life easier, cool, isn’t it? So come back soon!

See you soon folks!