Hello there,
in these difficult days, each of us is called to do his part to stem the spread of Covid-19. First of all, as individuals trying to observe the provisions issued by our respective Governments. However, we are a socially conscious company and we felt the need to do something more, making our knowledge and skills available to the community in the fight with the epidemic.

In the last few days, we’ve developed a technological solution that helps people maintaining social distancing, the first line of defense against the virus. Social Distancing Monitoring is a brand new V-App application for Cisco Meraki Smart Camera users that allows them to anonymously monitor the distance between people in a given area by sending multichannel alerts when a potentially dangerous gathering occurs.

V-App Social Distancing Monitoring will be available globally for free until April 30, 2020, so activate it now and check live if people are practicing social distance correctly within your premises.

Bye-bye for now and see you soon!