Many people around the world in last weeks have been forced to stay at home. Schools have canceled classes, retail stores, bars and other gathering places have shuttered. Major events were called off with a domino-like effect. These closures are all attempts to encourage social distancing, a crucially important public health intervention that can help stop transmission of the Covid-19 as argued from the major health authorities of the Countries involved in this, that seems to be the biggest global emergency, since the end of the WWII.

Although many commercial activities are stopped, those of vital importance are continuing to operate, such as production, some forms of consultancy but above all people must make supplies of food in safe conditions. Fortunately also in this case, the respectful and intelligent use of technology can be a formidable ally to help people to maintain an acceptable social distancing, thanks to non-invasive and privacy-friendly monitoring tools, like Social Distancing Monitoring. A new application for V-App Enterprise that thanks to the use of the Cisco Meraki smart cameras allow to monitor the distance between people in a given area, sending alerts when a so-called “collision” occurs, ie when two or more people are closer to each other than the suggested distance, also monitoring real-time people’s concentration with the help of interactive heat maps. A multi-channel alert system conveys alerts on the most popular instant messaging platforms such as Messenger, Webex, Telegram and WhatsApp, or through email, sms and screens or sound devices.

Social Distance Monitoring, is a V-App Enterprise solution, try it for free until April 30th.
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