Every company and organization with a complex IT and cloud infrastructure can run into some types of problems that might end in disaster if not immediately addressed: cyberattacks, human errors, or sudden system crashes, just in the worst possible moments when you are not prepared to face the problem. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses and organizations to plan ahead.

V-App Cloud Networks Backup is a complete cloud backup solution for the Cisco Meraki full-stack portfolio which simplifies network configuration management. Keep track of the changes made in your network, easily perform a backup, and restore operations. V-App Cloud Network Backup specifically allows you to:

  • Store configuration data:
    centrally organize configuration backups to quickly and easily. Search for and locate a configuration file to restore.
  • Quickly generate archives for devices configuration and failures:
    reduce downtime by easily restoring a device configuration. Quickly recover from failed configuration changes by restoring a previous good configuration.
  • Automatically Backup:
    Directly links Cloud Backup to Meraki Dashboard to start a full organization backup whenever changes are detected.
  • Run comparisons:
    Compare backup configurations and highlight differences between them. Prevent unwanted or misconfigured settings from being restored.
  • Get alerts on errors:
    Monitor for failed backup and execute corrective actions as required.

Cloud Network Backup is available for the Cisco Meraki full stack: switches, routers, wireless access points, firewalls, security cameras, and VPN.

That’s all for now, see you soon!